What We Do

We currently provide free financial counselling services to Perth Metro community members who are experiencing financial hardship and struggling to pay their bills.

Other community services, including budgeting course, life-skills course, marriage counselling and general counselling will be added in the near future.

In providing financial counselling services, The Rocks Care will comply with the ASIC Licensing Relief for the agency providing financial counselling services (ASIC Class Order CO3/1063), Standards for Agencies employing financial counsellors established by the Financial Counselling Australia and the Australian Financial Counsellors Code of Ethical Practice.

Ours financial counsellors are qualified professionals who are members of the Financial Counsellors Association WA (FCAWA). 

Financial counselling is a free, confidential, impartial (non-discriminatory) service offered by not-for-profit community organisations.

What financial counsellors do

Financial counsellors are skilled professionals who provide advice and support to people struggling with bills and debt.
A financial counsellor can:

Assess your financial situation

Provide advice about what to do if you're struggling to pay bills and fines

Help you negotiate with government agencies, your landlord, utilities, telcos, and other creditors

Assist you if you're being harassed by debt collectors

Refer you to other services you might need, such as legal, financial, accommodation, health and crisis services.

To remain impartial, our financial counsellors will not provide financial counselling services whenever there is a conflict of interest involved with or between clients.

Our campuses in Cannington and Baldivis are ready to serve clients effective 1st February 2022 with face-to-face or by-phone financial counselling.
However, our financial counsellors are also willing to make a home visit to clients with disability and special needs.

Counselling sessions will be provided by appointment with our financial counsellor(s), generally on normal business days and hours, but
under specific circumstances or urgency our financial counsellor(s) may agree to meet after business hours.